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At Soule Law we are passionate about helping people. As a Health, Guardianship, & Civil Litigation Law Firm, we handle many matters involving healthcare, adult guardianship, mental health & incapacity, elder law & estate planning, insurance, and other civil matters.

  • Health Law
  • Adult Guardianship
  • Elder Law & Estate Planning
  • Civil Litigation & Other Cases

Although many factors make us successful, we believe two set us apart. First, our principal attorney, Dr. Eric Soule, is a doctor who owned and operated his own successful healthcare practice before becoming an attorney. As a result, he has a wide knowledge base and intimately understands legal, medical, & health related issues in a way few other attorneys are able to. 

Second, we take extra care to work with each client to ensure payment is never a central concern. We offer flat fees, reasonable hourly rates, and take cases on a contingency fee basis when possible.

At Soule Law, we also recognize many people are priced out of the current legal market for many important legal matters. As a result, we set up SmarterLEGAL, which offers smart and affordable flat fees and payment options for some very common legal issues. This helps ensure all people have access to a lawyer and the legal help they need. Please ask if you believe you fit into this category.

Contact us anytime and thanks for visiting,

Dr. Eric D. Soule


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